Testimonial by Stephanie Leong
"One of my goals with Mish was to explore a lifestyle of self-compassion.I have managed to release my inner "mean girl" I am letting go of the need to be perfect in my personal life and business. I am finding people respond much better to my more authentic self. This has been an incredibly valuable experience for me. Mish has helped me to see what the issues are, why they exist and ways to let them go. I am so much more confident and self-assured than I was a couple of months ago. Overall, this has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself and I am so grateful."
Stephanie Leong
Testimonial by Beth Eithnal
"I wanted to do the work to break free of the things holding me back and Mish was going to be the person to help guide me through that. I am stronger, more sure of my purpose and the direction I want to take in both my business and life. Thank you for helping push me to learn about self-compassion, challenge negative beliefs and chase my dreams in a way I never have felt able to do before. "
Beth Eithnal