Life Coaching

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I’m a Life Coach for those ready to dig in, shake up their lives and grow with intention.

So, what has brought you here?


Do you ever feel ‘caged’ in and restless?

Are exhausted from doing everything for everyone else, except yourself?

Are you holding yourself back from your true needs out of guilt, shame, or deprivation?

Are you ready to live out those wild dreams, to cultivate a life which feels light, joy-filled and fun?


Are you searching for something a bit deeper? 
Wanting to get real with your life?
Ready to acquire tools, insights and permissions to live your life boldly?

I get it. Having completed two Master’s Degrees, gaining work experiences in both the university and health care industries I felt I wanted a different door to walk through. I had topped everything I had done, starting in elementary school.

What was it that I was really seeking … someone to tell me that I was amazing, perfect, the best. That yearning was suffocating me. 

Truly, Madly, Deeply you deserve to have a life you love to live within


More spontaneous adventure.

A positive and kick-ass relationship with yourself.

Less busy and overwhelm.

Full permission to be seen and heard.

Enriched and enriching relationships.

I’m a straight forward life coach.

I am honest, transparent, and I don’t beat around the bush.

I lean on my intuition, how you show up in our sessions and my faith.

I’m progressive, open, sometimes crass — but always focused on honouring the time we have together.

I work with themes of compassion, joy, alignment, permission, vulnerability and openness.

I’m practical in my approach and committed the the coaching partnership that we have together.

I will hold you accountable, celebrate your success with you and encourage you as you grow.

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Are you scrolling through going ‘YES, YES, YES!’

I get you, and I get it.

I know the tension of feeling ‘caged’ in and restless.

Sweeping the floor, putting dishes away, going to work — wanting deeper.

Those deep inner-workings in your heart which feel like they need to be guided.

Yearning to release the distraction of the mundane.

Is that you?


New packages released November 2018, please contact Mish for more information

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I’m genuinely excited to begin the coaching journey with you.

There’s nothing more exciting and empowering then taking the first step in the creation of radiant, vivacious and aligned lives.

Now is the time for YOU!

I look forward to life coaching with you.

Bachelor of Science, Secondary Education / Minor Political Science
Masters of Education Leadership & Management
Masters of Nursing Science, RN
Beautiful You Certified Life Coach

I am ready to get started