The essence of the human connection
and intentional collaboration is the ability to let one’s
authenticity shine in a way in which people feel connected

This is what Mish brings to all of her audiences both in-person and online.

Mish Pope is passionate about the human connection, practical solutions and bringing forth an authentically refreshing take on professional collaboration. Mish is a successful network marketing entrepreneur, a life and business coach, health care professional and working mom. Mish has grown my network marketing business from the ground up and knows the importance of powerful professional development.

Mish combines her degrees in education, educational leadership, management and Nursing with her on-the-ground experience of building her business in aspects of her speaking engagements. Mish is a straight shooter in her approach and prides herself on developing courses, presentations and online content with actionable steps, practical advice, and holistic perspective to her audience.


Mish is available for corporate presentations focused on mindset, use of aromatherapy in a workplace and overall stress reduction. Further Mish has a deep passion for presentations on body-image, self-love, unearthing your passions and emotional support using aromatherapy. She has a special interest in teenage girls and women leaders. She is available worldwide and available both in-person and online for collaboration.


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