I am a successful grassroots network marketing entrepreneur, an industry leader in doTERRA, a life and business coach, a high school teacher, a health care professional and a mother.


All these come together to fulfill my life’s purpose: to empower women to strive for their dreams and lead a balanced, successful and financially abundant life.

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The story began in 2008 when I began blogging about my journey with weight loss and food on this very website. I had followers and people connecting with me, and the interest in my website was catapulted into the mainstream by the Exposed Movement which I created. 

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My goal then, and my goal now, is to create a space for women to unearth their dreams and live out their lives with abundance.




Fast forward to 2015, after taking a break from blogging and changing careers, I found myself as a new mom looking for natural health options of our family.

As fate would have it, I stumbled upon doTERRA essential oils during these early months of being a mum.

From the moment I cracked open the bottles, I knew that I had to share these oils with everyone. In those first few weeks my vision of having flexibility with my career, educating, empowering & providing natural health options was birthed. Since those first few weeks I have a growing international team, created a solid six-figure income and continue to expand my passion to work alongside powerful and courageous women.



Throughout my own persona and business journey, the thread which binds is a vision of women finding their complete joy, life’s purpose, natural health and personal power at any age.

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Mish Pope xo