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There is something magical about landing on someone’s page looking to find common ground, a space of connection, and ideological threads woven together.

I believe, deep down, that everyone has value, meaning, and worth. 

Many of us are savvy, high achievers, and have a heart for people.

What we come searching for is the ‘guiding light’ home — away from lives which are running at a pace which are devouring our souls.

To come to a deep sense of nourishment where we feel rested, connected, alive & creative.

As a Coach & Educator I work with clients on this ‘journey back home’ to themselves and back to the love of their careers.

I work quickly, I work with direction & focus — always coupled with my own intuition to ask tough questions.

I am an outspoken lover of starting courageous conversations.

A seeker of joy, restoration & authenticity.

To curate a space where you begin to cultivate a sense of belonging to yourself and the world around you.

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1875 Hours

1875 Hours

Yesterday I got back tonight from spending 1000km in a car with a very energetic 5 years old and two teenage exchange students. There have been moments over the 13+

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