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When You’re ‘Mom Stuck’: 3 Ways to Unstick Yourself


MOM STUCK: How to unstick yourself when you feel lost, lonely and purposeless outside of being a mum.

Mum Stuck

I hear it a lot…and I so get it.

“I’ve lost myself as a mum. I have NO idea what I’m good at anymore!”

I was sitting with one of my builders during a group meeting discussing her WHY…why are you building your business?

“Well, I have NO idea, I’m just a mum!” she said.

We sat there and brainstormed more, because there is always more to what we are then just one thing. That includes motherhood, wife, working mum, survivor. We’re more dynamic then just once aspect of who we are.

I get it. I do. I honestly just feel like I have finally gotten out of the vacuum of motherhood and have gotten spit out fatter, more tired and sometimes lusting for what I was 10 years ago.


I’m also a hell of a lot stronger, wiser and feel as though more intune with who I actually want to become.

Here are my TOP THREE WAYS to get UN-STUCK!

1. Set Time Away to be present & set your intention

I’m SUPER bad at this. It’s actually one of my major blocks..writing stuff down. I don’t know if it is because I’m afraid of what I’m going to write down (See…good ole’ FEAR creeping in) or I’m afraid if I write down goals the I may not reach them (see..good ole’ FEAR creeping in!)

But you have to set your intention about what you want to change and you have to give yourself space to think. It’s REALLY easy to just keep going throughout your day and not think at all about what is coming next or what what you really want.

Even if it’s 5-15 minutes per day. Give yourself that space and put ink to paper.

2. Connect with your beautiful oils

Connect with your oils…if you don’t have any, connect with me and we can find the oils which work for you.

–>Get a moods and emotions book, the emotional aromatherpahy kit, book in for an massage/osteopathy/kinesiology session, get a moods and emotions wheel

–>Book in with me for a FREE 30 minute “Kick Ass” session

One of the ways that I LOVE to connect is to get my moods & emotions book

–knock on it 3 times.
–place it between my hands and set my intention –> what oil do I need to use to help reconnect with myself? (for example)
–think ‘left or right’
–then let it fall open to an oil and either look left or right.
–Then use the oil for 2-3 weeks. place it on your feet or body each day, re-affirming your intention. If you hate the smell of it, you have a block with that emotional area. put in on your feet instead.

3. Don’t be FEARFUL of change and the process

When we are faced with the vacuum that life can throw us, when we are spit out and don’t know where we are…we can get overwhelmed and get bogged down in FEAR.

Fear is a protective mechanism to keep us where we are. Our minds like to regress and go to the easiest PERCEIVED route. Change oftentimes isn’t percieved as easy.

But sometimes we have to ask the FEAR of change bigger then the ultimate goal of becoming what we want?

Sometimes we may not even know what we want to become because we are so out of touch with who we are.

I also get that.

These oils will shift shit. They will move stuff in you. Don’t let fear override the immense beauty and freedom we all deserve. It’s a journey, and there’s beauty in it.

Deep beauty and lessons in the stuck.

Mish xo

I look forward to connecting with your further. If you’d like to receive weekly emails of inspiration please join me! –> YES Mish, email me!

When It’s NOT working


When we are set out to really dig deep into why we are stuck, we have to ask ourselves honestly “why isn’t what I’m doing working?”

Why are you stuck?

I do think that sometimes the “stuck” does serve us. There is often time a reason why we stay stuck. There is an emotional protection in not processing our blocks and/or a comfortable nature about it.


Sometimes what we’re doing or what we’ve done just isn’t working. AND THAT IS OK!!!

Comfort Zone

I was sitting with my Husband today talking about my view of my health and what I want for this year. I’m not as hyper devastated about my weight, because I realise it’s not a doomsday situation. I have thought of it like this before. The reality is that I don’t have tons of time to make intricate meals and it’s hot as hell in summer. Some foods my body hates and I want something which I can easily make and doesn’t take a huge amount of time to do.

I’m not huge on counting calories and feel like I should have stock in WeightWatchers. Those things don’t work for me. And I think that I have always gone back to what I have always done, failed, and then felt like shit.

But it’s ok that you failed. There are lessons in them and it’s NOT the only way. There are thousands of ways and you have to find what works for you. In all aspects in your life.

Maybe your marriage isn’t working and you need to seek someone outside to help.

Maybe your business isn’t working and it’s time to move on.

Maybe you’re struggling as a parent and it’s time to ‘wave the white flag’ and call a timeout for yourself.

IT IS ALL OK. Why? Because you’re honouring where you are.

So, buttercup. Be where you are and ask yourself ‘is this working?’ If its not..its ok.

Find something that does.

Mish xo

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Smash Your Resolutions: My Top Tip


Welcome 2016! What a beautiful glorious year we have ahead of you. As I wrote yesterday, closing out 2015 and giving space to that is so important.

What we now are ‘faced’ with is how we want our life to be different in 2016. The exciting (or even daunting) approach of New Years Resolutions presents itself.

This isn’t a News Years Resolution/Goals post. Sorry :) This is better. I want you to write down your goals..and then I want you to ask yourself why you haven’t done them before. If it’s something you’ve written down in the years gone by…why haven’t you achieved it?

My Top Tip for Smashing your New Years Resolution…evaluate this for each of them: What is the ‘stuck’ giving you?


The ‘stuck’ is rich with so many lessons and insight. I am a firm believer that the reason why you are NOT changing is bigger then your why. We can all write down WHY we want to change (and there is validity in this and I encourage you to do this). BUT the reasons why you are staying or have stayed stuck is so rich with knowledge which can help you affirm your why and really change your life.

For me, the reason why I have stayed stuck is because I’m scared and I’m fearful of my own power. I’m scared of my own success and I’m incredibly fearful of failure. So instead of doing something amazing for myself and my health, I have stayed stuck.

I share this, because only recently did I explore my STUCK. We can will ourselves to loose weight or kick a habit for so long. But if you don’t actually drill down into the reasons why the stuck is serving you…you won’t have lasting changing. Explore the stuck and really be open to why it’s serving you. Then work through why the anchor is down. Be gentle with this process and be open to it. It has so much beauty in it and is less scary then you think.

Go explore your stuck. It has beautiful lessons.

Mish xo

I would support this change with the following oils: bergamot, forgiveness blend, motivation blend, console blend, peace blend, grounding blend, joyful blend, frankincense, thyme, Hawaiian sandalwood, Douglas fir, white fir.

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Closing Ceremony 2015: 5 Ways To Reflect & Let Go


Man oh man, truly I can’t believe that 2015 is over. It has been such a wild ride for me and it’s been huge as well. It has been such a big year professionally and one of those things is that I have set an intention within my self to REALLY push beyond my own fear.

Fear is a bitch and oftentimes it can be a ‘wet blanket’. So can disappointment and feeling stuck.

As we round out 2015 I ask you to be reflective upon the year that has gone by. I have 5 Ways to create a moment to offer up to yourself a “Closing Ceremony” to round out the year.

Closing Ceremony2015

I ask that you sit down with a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of wine or a diet coke and write these questions down. Reflect on them. Tuck yourself away for a little bit of uninteuppted time and GIVE YOURSELF the space to actually reflect.

I can be a ‘negative nancy’ and get into really negative head spaces. I can be hyper-critical and I’m the first one I put on the chopping block. I can be pissed off I’ve gained so much weight this year, or maybe that I don’t have my house looking perfect or I didn’t spend enough time doing things I love.

BUT there is a A LOT of good that has come out of 2015. Even if you had a shit year, even if it sucked and you can’t WAIT to wave it goodbye, there is lesson and growth in that. Even if you felt like you maybe didn’t do as much as you had hoped, there is lesson in that as well.

So grab a piece of paper and get writing, or drawing, or doodling…whatever works best for you.

Closing Ceremony2015

I’ll share some thoughts of my own with you about my year:

1. What did you rock in 2015?
I took a business from nothing and grew it into a sustainable income where I don’t have to go back to nursing right now. It’s allowed me flexibility in my life to do what I want and achieve goals I never knew. I also have taken huge steps since going home over the past 6 weeks to release A LOT of baggage and really focus on my journey.

2. What things surprised you about 2015?
That I could be successful in business. That I have a message. Also that I have been held back by an enormous amount of fear, that really I only push myself in certain areas. That I have never really deeply madly loved myself, and that insight has been incredibly overwhelming and healing.

3. What are 5 things you loved about 2015?
-Knowing that Australia is home for right now.
-Spending time with my Grandparents
-Christmas with my family
-Hitting Gold with my business, when a lot of people doubted me, including myself.
-Watching people grow and the light-bulb moment happen after many ‘kick ass’ sessions.

4. What nuggets of insight did you learn in 2015?
That my husband has a deep unconditional love for me, that scares me. AND that it’s ok to love people. That God has me on this earth to help others find their WHY and to change their lives. That my story is about weight loss, releasing emotional blocks and succeeding and that I don’t have to hide from that. That my daughter is pure joy wrapped inside of a crazy toddler.

5. What are 5 things you did in 2015 that you’re proud of?
-Being able to provide income without having to go back to work
-Being different from others, whilst maintaining my own integrity
-Acknowledging my own fear and choosing to learn from them and move beyond them
-Realising that I don’t have to be like others in order to be successful
-That my daughter and husband are my foundation for joy and love and self-acceptance.

I hope that you enjoy your closing ceremony for 2015. Reflect upon what the year has brought you and what your celebrated, learnt and overcame.

Mish xo

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Sometimes we have to FORGIVE

Here’s the thing…buttercup…sometimes we have to actually forgive ourselves.

Let me be totally honest with you. I have gained almost 10kg/22lbs this year. My clothes feel terrible and I can feel it in my body. I have lost myself in my business (gasp!) and I have fallen into the pattern of behaviour I have always (people pleasing and hard work)

I have really let myself be really angry about it. Really disappointed, but I never really got beyond that. I never seemed to be able to show myself some love, to shower myself in FORGIVENESS.

Oregon was healing for me. Cleansing, emotionally heavy and revealing. I saw where I started on my journey in a more open way. I sit in an airport today headed back to Australia knowing that weight, emotional blocks and how to overcome them are part of my story. I have baggage…I have demons…I have back fat…and I have a husband who loves me unconditionally.

I say this because so many of us are stuck. We’re stuck oftentimes because we ‘think’ that we need to be somewhere else, and we’re angry because we haven’t gotten there. There is beauty in the stuck, it teaches you incredible lessons.

One of those huge lessons for me is Forgive. My beautiful oil company have a ‘Forgiveness blend’ and I absolutely hated it when I first smelt it. GAG! And you know what, oftentimes the oils that you are repulsed by are emotional blocks which you have to move through. The blend itself is: Spruce Leaf, Bergamot Peel, Juniper Berry Fruit, Myrrh Resin, Arborvitae Wood, Nootka Tree Wood, Thyme Leaf, Citronella Herb.

I woke up and knew that I had to put it on. I’m still not a huge fan, so I put in on my feet. For me, I have to forgive myself, I have to let go of the burdens of other’s around me and to stand in the beauty of my journey. For so long I have wanted to step away from ‘identifying’ that I was something who struggled with weight and frankly I didn’t want to say YEP I HAVE PACKED IT ON OVER THE PAST YEAR!

But…it is what it is. The less I run from what I’m here to do and to share, the less I am anchored down, the more fulfilment life brings and the deeper I can go in to the beauty of what I have to share.

So begin by gently forgiving yourself. Use your oils and learn from the stuck, learn from the blocks.

You’re a beautiful soul with divine gifts.

Mish xo

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‘The Holiday Food Barge’ Rescue Remedy


Oh man! Christmas and the week(s) before it are what I refer to as the ‘Holiday Food Barge!’ Especially since we’re visiting Oregon, we’re eating all of this yummy food we only eat once a year. (It’s been my first Christmas home since 2011)..super special.

But, that also means that you over-indulge. It all just tastes so good! When that happens, whip out your ‘digestive blend’.

Too Many Sugar Cookies?A bit too much eggnog?

Known as the “tummy tamer” due to its ability to aid in digestion, soothe stomach upset, and maintain overall digestive health. This unique blend contains Ginger, Fennel, and Coriander to help ease occasional stomach discomfort, including motion sickness and indigestion, while Peppermint, Tarragon, Anise, and Caraway aid with digestion and help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

This blend of oils are amazing at totally helping to bring about digestive balance. Within minutes, you will feel different.

  • I like to put 1-2 drops with some carrier oil with 1 drop of wild orange and rub into my stomach in a clockwise direction.
  • If you suffer from the acidic stomach burp, you can rub it into your sternum.

Really amazing and powerful blend of oils. A must after the holiday season!

Mish xo

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Happy Holidays!


Happiest of Holidays to you and your family this beautiful time of year. I do know that these holiday seasons can be a bit crazy at times and even if it is stressful, I hope that you are able to find the little spark of magic in them.

We will be spending time with family over the next couple of days and stuffing our faces. Then headed to see some snow this weekend then packing for our trip back to Australia.

I thought I’d leave you with some beautiful holiday blend diffuser options. They smell amazing.


For ours to yours!
Mish xo


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