How To Grow Your Business In An Area Where You Don’t Have Contacts

I know that it isn’t easy to get started when you don’t know anyone, or you ‘feel tapped out’ with your contacts. I’d like to give you some advice and tips on how to work through these blocks and make connection to help grow your business in new areas.

Watch Your Thoughts

What we think, we manifest outloud. If you’re struggling with FEAR of reaching out…ask yourself “what if I had an open coffee catch up where I felt more relaxed?”
“what if I went to a networking function and made new contacts & connections?”

I hear a lot of “I don’t KNOW anyone!” “no one wants to hold classes!” “I can’t get anyone to enrol!”

Watch your thoughts. They verabilse and that is what you start believing.

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8 Reasons Why Convention is AMAZING (and you should go!)

Going to a doTERRA Convention is amazing! I know that sometimes people are hesitant but let me tell you something IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!

Here are my 8 Reasons Why Convention is AMAZING!

  1. It’s SOOOOO much fun

Literally it’s a massive party of everyone  who are just as obsessed and in love with doTERRA as you are! It’s like a big party of doTERRA lovers and those inspired by the journey of health you’re on. It’s buzzing with your tribe of like-minded people and it’s so much fun! The convention is beautifully presented, gorgeous and high-energy. It’s also so much fun to see everyone buzzing around the streets. Continue reading

7 Ways To Start Loving Your Body Today

This is a topic which is SO near and dear to my heart. I have such a long history with distorted body image, unhealthy relationships with food and hating the way that I look. When I look back on almost every single photo I can tell you what state I was in when I came to food/weight/body love. It’s scary, but it’s something that it releasing from me.

Here are my 7 tips, after years of dis-morphia and yo-yo cycles, which are helping me finding my true calm and peace with my body and spirit.

These tips are NOT ABOUT weight loss, diets, etc. These tips exemplify a LIFESTYLE and MIND REBOOT that have to be a daily focus. Only when we carve our time for ourselves, nourish our bodies, make our thoughts positive…are we actually able to CONNECT AND LOVE who we are.

1. Set aside time for yourself — it’s NOT a luxury

I have ALWAYS felt that alone time, exercise, meditation was luxury. ‘I don’t have time to do that!’ But this is what you need most. Even if its just FIVE minutes a day of intentional time with your thoughts–journaling, prayer, yoga, exercise, mediation…whatever it is…spend time on this.

2. Admit that you’re feeling off 

This is huge for me. Looking back I should have seemed professional help quicker, but I always felt like ‘I wasn’t that bad’. I know sometimes it’s hard to admit that you need some assistance with helping your mind process your thoughts.

However, the power in the release of ‘waving the white flag’ has been and is profound for me. It has been with great release that I have been able to take the pressure cooker off of ‘trying to hold it together’.

3. Forgive yourself

The first part of any healing is forgiving yourself. I have found a DEEP help with this through prayer and yoga. The first time I went to Yin Yoga, I cried for over 1/2 of the class. The first couple of times I used the oil blend ‘Forgive’ I hated the smell of it; which is always an indication for me that I have emotional work to do around that blend. Releasing the chains and then using oils like Console and Peace to help those emotions truly release.

We hold so much anger and resentment in our souls for the things which we don’t think we’ve done right. We have to release and using aromatherapy has been such an incredible tool for me.

4. Anchor your daily practices

As with #1, the importance of creating ‘non-negotiable’ time and routines around this is absolutely crucial. I’m so bad at this, but find NOW that without these daily practices I literally fall apart.

What I love doing is anchoring my thoughts and practices with some sort of physical preparation (lightening a candle) or using essential oils (such as Balance, The Hope Blend, Wild Orange, Patchuuoli) to really centre my space. To anchor my thoughts with brain supportive emotionally grounding aromatherapy oils.

Being diligent with a routine and practices of daily self-care is absolutely essentials. One of my go to things at night now is to make sure that I wash my face every single night. Because it’s SO easy to hop into bed without actually nurturing our skin! It doesn’t take long, but the process of setting yourself forward with beautiful skin and a practice of intentional self-care is so important.

5. Fall back in love with food

It sounds so COUNTER intuitive, but I actually don’t really know what I love eating. It’s been a conscious journey for me over the past year to actually ask myself ‘do I LOVE that I’m eating?’

For so long I have eaten out of calorie restriction of binge-eating escape. I have made my meals at LARGE as possible with a little calories as possible. I steered away from the things I’ve loved and binged on thing which not only make my feel terrible, but are actually things I don’t really like outside of that bingeing mindset.

So it’s been a journey of listening to my body. Exploring new flavours and making some new discoveries. I have actually found this quite a hard process, because again I don’t make time for myself when it comes to making food. I have never really allowed myself the time to LOVE the process of making and eating, because I have found it laborious and tedious. I have told myself often that ‘I don’t have time to make healthy food’. That is a lie and that is goes back to #1 in this list.

6. Move your body & release your energy

I know it may sound a little cliche, but honestly moving my body has been SOOOO important to me. So often I need the kick of endorphins..even a 30 minute walk sets me up for positive everything in my day.

It doesn’t have to be flogging it out (unless you LOVE doing that..then do it) just has to be intentional movement that BRINGS YOU JOY.

Movement that BRINGS YOU JOY!

7. Re-focus your thoughts on gratitude

When we have a positive mindset, we can overcome most everything. In 2009 I started something called the ‘Exposed Movement’ because I needed to see the AMAZING-ness of my body. The worldwide joining of this moment blew me away. But it also highlighted the importance that all of us need to SHOW DEEP LOVE AND GRATITUDE towards ourselves, our thoughts and our bodies.

Our thoughts are actions. They drive how we feel, how we eat, how we interact and how we live.

It can be hard to shift out of the ‘doom and gloom’ tapes of being a victim. I get it. There’s a real comfort in the struggle. But it’s not where we’re meant to be forever.

So shift your focus. Create light and abundance and gratitude in your thoughts. Anchor them with aromatherapy and daily rituals.

What rituals or daily practices do you have to align yourself with body love & acceptance?

~Mish xo

If you’d like to know more about the magic oils I have been using to help focus my self in gratitude, self-care, and healing from food addition click the image below!


5 Ways to Be More Mindful, Alive & Happy

Do you struggle with some of these thoughts?

If you were just…

Why didn’t you ….

Gosh, when are you finally going to quit doing …

You’re just so ….. no wonder you don’t get ….

I have! For years! I am now on a quest, journey, path to help you find a place of grace. A place where the tapes of the inner critic don’t suffocate your divine grace. Below I share with you my top 5 tips on being more mindful, alive and happier!

Here are my Top 5 Ways to Be More Mindful, Alive & Happier

1. Switch off from work / social media

This is by far one of the hardest things for me to do. Work and social media can become a ‘safe haven’ for us critics…because we get affirmation from it. We’re constantly striving for the next promotion, rank, pay raise, award. We live in a constant state of ‘renewal’ because we’re scared of failure and paralysed by comparison.

I so get it. I get it so hardcore.

Remember that you are more then work. More then awards. More then pay raises. More then beating other people. More then being perfect. You are more dynamic and it’s ok to find yourself outside of your career. It’s ok to take a break

2. Move your body

Move in whatever way makes you feel alive. I’ve used exercise as toruture, punishment, obligation, enslavement. What I’ve come to realise, is that it doesn’t matter how hard, fast, strong, graceful you are in the activity. Just move.

Our bodies are meant to move. We need to release the energy trapped whilst sitting, thinking, pondering. We need to raise our vibration.

Hike, bike, walk, dance, pilates, yoga, HIIT, Crossfit, run, ski, waterski, tumble, bounce, shake, hula hoop…just move a little each day. Not because you have to, but because you’re honor the beautiful body that you have and the expressive nature that movement allows. It’s a daily renewal of energy and grace for our souls to clear our the back log of thoughts. A space to bring clarity through movement.

3. Re-frame negativity into gratitude

I’m an eternal pessimist…but I’m learning to see things differently. I think that when we constantly live in a fried, tired, stressed and critical space…we can’t see the good in life. We are so empty in our soul, that no matter what will come at us, we can’t absorb it.

The things which I’ve found have helped me be more mindful and in a space of gratitude :

  • Being mindful of the negative default
  • EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique — Brad Yates on Youtube
  • doTERRA’s console, forgive and melissa — amazing applied over your heart, on your wrists
  • Yoga
  • Reading scripture and listening to music which makes you happy (I also love listening to country music on full blast!)
  • Gratitude journal — Kikki has some great ones

4. Practice one element of self-care daily

For me this is washing the make-up off of my face at night and putting my skin care on. I know it sounds so silly, but it’s so simple and yet so hard … “oh I’ll do it tomorrow’.

This also means saying NO more often, doing a short meditation, spending 5 minutes in prayer, going to a coffee by yourself. Saying nice things to yourself.

I also love the idea of ‘aromatic dressing’ which is picking essential oils (or a combo of them) and mixing them with a  carrier oil. Then dressing your body with this oil mix, praising every single inch of your body. Not only are you getting beautiful oils on your skin, but your are connecting your head and heart to your body. It’s amazing how many of us live in our heads and don’t actually ‘drop down’ into our hearts…or even feel connected to our flesh.

When we start to allow ourselves to FEEL gratitude, to connect to our heart sand bodies…we will crave and feel worthy of self-care. 

5. Serve others

Spend time serving others. With your time. With your gifts. Donations of money or time. We are called to serve. Find something that aligns with your passions in life and serve. We find grace in each connection which we make and it begins to each those serving and those receiving. 

Mish xo

If you’d like to know more about essential oils, aromatherapy and doTERRA — visit here 

Being Authentically Broken

If you troll around on this blog, you will see blog posts from YEARS ago. In 2007 I started a weight loss blog, suggested by my then boyfriend. I didn’t know it at the time, but that relationship would be the rocket into hell that I would ride for years and years and years.

It’s only now, after reading books, saying that I have been ‘healed’, trying to give up, diet and then binge my way back to weight gain.. that I can say I finally feel like I’m understanding my head. That I’m understanding why I work myself into the ground and then release into an emotional over-eating.

I’m searching for the fulfilment that I allowed to run away from me 8 years ago when the spirit of belief, self-nourishment, got starved.

My success in doTERRA is attributed so much to my hard-work. It is a desire to be-more, do-more, seek-more, rise higher. It has changed lives, but it’s exhausted me.

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My Oil Picks for Emotions

I get asked ALL THE TIME about oils for emotional health. How to use the oils on adults, kids and for skeptical partners/spouses. It is one of my most favourite oils to teach and educate people on.

I want to share with your my Top Oils for Emotions. These 6 oils come from the amazing Emotional Aromatherapy Kit. The intention of this kit was to provide an every-day simply user friendly combo of oils to help with any and all emotions! Continue reading