My Oil Picks for Emotions

I get asked ALL THE TIME about oils for emotional health. How to use the oils on adults, kids and for skeptical partners/spouses. It is one of my most favourite oils to teach and educate people on.

I want to share with your my Top Oils for Emotions. These 6 oils come from the amazing Emotional Aromatherapy Kit. The intention of this kit was to provide an every-day simply user friendly combo of oils to help with any and all emotions!


How to use these oils:

  • Aromatically: in a diffuser / sprinkled into a bath or shower / on some beautiful lava jewellery / 1-2 drops in your hand – cup and inhale / spritzer bottle / rubbed behind ears, on wrists or over heart.
  • Topically: diluted with fractionated coconut oil and aromatically dress / put into a rollerball and topically applied anywhere on your body — for kids feet and up and down spine are a great starting point / spritzer bottle / DIY body lotions / rolled onto their favourite stuffed animal

FORGIVE — renewing blend
This is a great blend to use when you need to RELEASE emotional baggage. Let it go. Forgive yourself, forgive others and release. Maybe it wasn’t what it was suppose to be. Maybe you didn’t act  in the best manner…release, forgive, renew.


CONSOLE — Comforting Blend
Hands down one of my most favourite oil blends by doTERRA. This blend is AMAZING for when you are feeling overwhelmed, consumed with anxious feelings, grief, sadness and ‘what ifs’. It’s also a great blend to use with kiddos having a hard time transitioning.


PEACE — Reassuring Blend
This is a great blend to bring about a calm and more peaceful emotional state. This is beautiful diffused at night time to bring about a more calm and relaxed environment. Further, this is a great blend to you with adults and children who struggle with focusing and regulating their energy levels at times.


MOTIVATE — Encouraging Blend
Long day? Still need to get stuff done? Not keen on getting out of bed for the gym? This is the blend to add a bit of ‘rocket fuel’ to your day. I like to use the touch rollerball (or you can make up your own rollerball) and roll it across the back of my neck. I also like to diffuse with Cheer (oil below) or peppermint (so yummy!) for long car drives!


CHEER — Uplifting Blend
Need a little spring in your step? A little sunshine in your day? Then cheer is a great oils to dig into. It’s a great oil to uplift a low mood, to add energy to your day & to overall feel better. It is a ‘spicier’ oil so make sure that you use a bit of dilution when applying to your skin.


PASSION — Inspiring Blend

Now don’t get too many ideas 😉 But YES there is an oil in this blend to help with libido! BUT it also has the intention to help you find your life passion. What do you really want to do in life? What are you hopes/dreams/aspirations? It’s a great one to use for transitions, goal setting, and dreaming big.


I LOVE these oils so much and the Emotional Aromatherapy kit as well. I use them ALL the time and find that when I’m emotionally unsure, I just let my body connect to an oil and then use it. I love how easy this kit is to use, and how anyone can start to support their emotions and the emotions of every single person in their life without having to overthink.

Everyday emotional support with doTERRA!

Mish xo

All of these beautiful oils are in the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit. You can buy them as a kit or as single oils. If you’d like to know more about enrolling with this kit, please jump over to the JOIN HERE page for more information!

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